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Country Week: Let's Acknowledge the Talent and Hard Work of our Teams

Yesterday, we received the disappointing news that the Country Week Competition was cancelled, due to ‘phase one’ COVID-19 restrictions in the Perth and Peel region.

The College was notified of this unfortunate news by Catholic Education Western Australia (CEWA) and the Country Week Committee only hours prior to our team of students and staff departing for Perth.

Given the time, effort and preparation that students and staff put in to this event, it is understandable that many may feel disheartened and sad that the competition and associated opportunities will now not be proceeding.

Mr Crothers and other staff met with the Country Week Team this morning to recognise this effort and to set a plan to move forward. “It is natural to feel somewhat disappointed or angry or upset,” he told the team. “We have to acknowledge what we are feeling, and it is okay to talk about it. To help us move forward, we now need to try to shift our focus and do what we can to make the most of this week at the College. We start by trying to focus on the basics of our classes and our conversations with our teachers.”

Mr Crothers also advised the students that space had been set aside in the Learning Commons and that staff were available to support those students who may not be quite ready to reengage.

Regardless of the cancellation, these students remain as the College Representatives of our Country Week Team and are congratulated upon their selection.

Please join the College in acknowledging the talent and hard work of all the students who were meant to be enjoying this fantastic event in Perth right now.

Let us support each other as we ‘Embrace Life’ with courage in this COVID context.

The Country Week Football Team:

Captain: Tristan Ramshaw Taj Sims, Riley Coulson, Sam Tucker, Will Griffiths, Liam Chambers, Lenny Mutai, Todd Warren, Jack Gallagher, John Olimpio, Jayden Kelly, Todd Warren, Jack Gallagher, Jayden Kelly, Noah Mills, Noah Taylor, Jackson Cooper, Noah Taylor, Erfan Babaie, Emilio Porter, Beau Depiazzi, Jye Smith, Noah Mills, Chad Strano (absent), Josh Knight (absent), Kade Ferris (absent), Taj Timewell (absent)

and coaches: Mr Embry, Mr Gibbon & Mr Walkerden


Our Boys Basketball Team: Captain: Jalen O’Shea

Domenic Celisano, Jake Chapman, Nicolas Madaffari, Lewis Italiano, Samuel Coate (absent), Ben Gervasi (absent), Josh Commons (absent)

and coach: Mr Obern


Our Girls Basketball Team:

Captain: Leah York

Neveiah Parravicini, Paige Zabajnik, Maddison Thackray, Jemma Grasso, Chloe Scott (absent)

and coach: Mrs Pere


Our Dance Team:

Captain: Ava Simpson

Chiara Prince, Nicolien Basson, Rose Torrisi, Kiara Cardwell (absent), Jiayu Zhang (absent)

and coach: Ms Davis


Our Girls Netball Team:

Captain: Brianna Young

Sophie Hart, Mia Nandapi, Ashleigh Godwin, Georgia Carbone, Amy Scaffidi, Emily Coutts, Amber Leach, Stephanie Musitano (absent), Kyla Brophy-Smith (absent), Grace Craigie (absent)

and coach: Mrs Godwin


Our Speech and Debating Team:

Captain: Jack Cross

Gabriel Mulholland, Mikela Faries, Emily Behrend, Joshua Jacob, Ryley Wastell

and coach: Mrs Ball


Our Country Week Touch Rugby Team:

Captain Lincoln Worroll

Rahnui Ellefsen, Monique Parravicini, James Kiely, Jackson Standley, Daniel Godwin, Callie McNulty

and coach: Mrs Gann


Our Boys Volleyball Team:

Captain: Albie Barnden

Bahle Gadzani, George Kimpton, James Kiely, Kane Italiano, Rennan John Dwyer, William McDermott, Zane Basso

and coach: Mr Harris


Our Girls Volleyball Team:

Captain: Charlie Pierce

Naomi King, Mary Whiteley, Jenna Shields, Leah Italiano, Isabelle Crump, Hayley Cooper, Clara O'Donovan (absent), Tayla Maskell (absent)

and coach: Ms Barton


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