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A New Chapter

September 15 marked the commencement of a new chapter in the life of our young College. Mikela Faries Year 11 and Daniel Godwin Year 11 were announced as College Captains for 2021. They will be assisted in their leadership role by College Vice Captains, Hayley Cooper and Jack Cross.

College Captains: Mikela Faries and Daniel Godwin and College Vice-Captains: Hayley Cooper and Jack Cross.

Mikela is hoping to to spread the value of Courage through the College.

" I wish to encourage equality and respect, to then allow school to be a safe haven in which people have the courage to stand proud and tall and be their unique selves. "

Daniel is looking to display the value of Justice in his new role as College Captain.

" The value of Justice within my life has allowed me to have the ability to treat everyone in an equal manner, thus allowing this value to translate to a leadership role. I would allow a level of equality and balance throughout the College through my communications and involvement with other leaders."

The College congratulates all of our new Student Leaders, and we look forward to supporting their initiatives in the forthcoming year. The College Student Leadership Council is comprised of the following students.

Student Leaders 2021:

College Captains: Mikela Faries and Daniel Godwin

College Vice-Captains: Hayley Cooper and Jack Cross

Arts Captains: Joshua Jacob and Gabriel Mulholland

Ministry Captains: Quinn Kenyon and Thomas Zappia

Sports Captains: Emily Coutts and Domenico Celisano

Costello Captains: William Pierce and Arjun Chaudhary

Hayes Captains: Mary Whiteley and Brianna Young

McAuley Captain: Lewis Italiano

Read Captains: Sophie Mulcahy and Jalen O’Shea

Our current Student Leaders formally passed over the "Mantle of Leadership" at the Assembly today. Sienna Garner and Joel Cronin reflected upon their leadership journey, which they have experienced over the preceding 12 months. They recognised and paid tribute to the support provided by their fellow students who formed the broader Leadership Council.

Former and new Student Leaders Sienna Garner, Mikela Faries, Daniel Godwin and Joel Cronin.

Principal Rob Crothers identified the regular and ongoing efforts of the Student Leaders in organising and running "Fun Fridays". He highlighted this activity as being significantly important in helping to foster a greater sense of connectedness within the community during this unusual year.

Principal Mr Rob Crothers thanking the Student Leaders for their ongoing efforts.


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