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A Message from Principal, Mr Rob Crothers

It was quite a special moment for me to return to the College this week after being unable to attend due to quarantine requirements following travel interstate for an urgent family matter.

I had missed that special excitement that accompanies the new adventure of starting each school year and sharing the journey with new students and staff. The Mercy community quickly made me feel welcome and helped me to settle back in by bringing me up to speed with everything that had taken place. And there has been quite a bit happening!

New students. New staff. New building. The heat. New uniform wearing requirements. New roles. The heat. New Covid Rules. New Year 12 Ball date. Mask wearing requirements. The heat. New ventilation requirements. Power outages. No air-conditioning. No internet. The Heat!

Yet despite all of these challenges, there remained a vibrancy within the community, a willingness to carry on and a commitment to give our best and rise above the challenges. At Our Lady of Mercy College, we know this characteristic, and we refer to it as “Embracing Life.”

Our youngest and newest students in Year 7 appear to have taken these challenges in their stride and appear undaunted. They have told me that whilst they have been ‘lost’ on occasions finding their way around the College, in the main, they now know where to go, how to use their timetable and how to work their combination lock. Most importantly, they have shared their joy of making new friends, engaging in new subjects and having the freedom to move around the College as they change classes. Whilst they were not able to engage in the planned Activity Days, they let me know they had so much fun simply running through the sprinklers last Friday and participating in games within their house structure.

The year is young, and despite the challenges we face, we are walking the talk and getting on with the business of this school year.

It’s good to be back.

Rob Crothers


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