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A Message from Principal Mr Crothers - We Are Off to a Positive Start

The start of a year provides an important beginning point. New and existing staff are united in seeking to create an environment where learning and relationships can flourish. Our Mercy focus value for the year, Respect, sets a very clear expectation for students and student interactions as well as student and teacher interactions.

It was an inspiring occasion to welcome our students to our first College Assembly. I was thrilled to see that nearly every student attended in their full formal uniform. Everyone looked amazing! I appreciate the cooperation of the students, and I thank our parents for their support.

The Assembly provided an opportunity to acknowledge the fantastic work ethic of our ATAR students and to celebrate their success. In addition, College Student Leaders were congratulated and presented with their badges and individual students were congratulated upon their success in various fields.

With just ten school days under our belt, I am amazed at what has taken place already. Our Year 7 students have successfully embarked upon their transition to senior schooling and have entered wholeheartedly into their activity days.

Photos have been taken, excerpts from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Musical publicised, cricket matches played, ViSN camp in Perth attended, new laptops distributed to Year 7 and 10 students, the Year 12 Ball was enjoyed, parent evenings held, Advisory Council and P&F Community meetings conducted, student meetings in Year groups organised whilst simultaneously introducing students to new courses, new teachers and new challenges.

So much has happened in such a short space of time!

As I walk around the College, I am impressed by the endeavour shown by the students in the classroom and encouraged by the smiles on the faces in the schoolyard. There’s a sense of positive anticipation about the opportunities ahead that comes from knowing that we are off to a positive start.

Our understanding of “Respect” and “Working in Partnership” lays a strong foundation for a purposeful and successful year ahead.

I look forward to the adventure!


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