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A Journey to Employment for Tallen Zabajnik (Year 11)

The Authority Developed Workplace Learning Program has proven valuable for Year 11 student Tallen Zabajnik. Tallen has been attending Warrick Welding since March as part of his studies at the College.

With an eagerness to gain employment in Welding and Fabrication, and prove his work ethic and dedication to the trade, Tallen attends the workshop two days a week.

When our Lady of Mercy College VET staff visited the workplace earlier this year, supervisor Jack communicated that he was very happy with Tallen’s work performance and ability to stick to a task. He suggested that Tallen may be a future candidate for an Apprenticeship and was happy to continue supporting Tallen on his journey.

During the October school holidays, the owner of Warrick Welding, Mr Murray Wharton, offered Tallen a full-time Apprenticeship to commence in January 2023. This rewarding opportunity is a result of Tallen’s willingness to manifest his skill progression, enthusiasm and initiative through the long work hours he committed.

We sincerely thank the team at Warrick Welding for their tremendous contribution. Our Lady of Mercy College would also like to congratulate Tallen on his Apprenticeship, and we wish him well in his future endeavours.


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