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Child Development

Year 10 Electives

Course Description

In this unit, students will be able to care for ‘computerised real-life babies’, which will help them understand the roles and responsibilities of parents and caregivers.

Child Development is a great course for those interested in working with young children. There is an excellent opportunity to pursue this interest further after this course, and students would be well-equipped to do this after completing this elective.

Topics include families, conception, pregnancy and the needs of a newborn baby. Practical projects include meals for expectant mothers, food for young babies, and craft-related projects.

This course is recommended if you are interested in a child-related career or studying Certificate III Early Childhood Education in Year 11 and Year 12.

More Information

For more information regarding Year 10 electives, please contact the Academic Services Team or the Career Services Department at the College. 

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