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Year 7 Students and their Dads Celebrate Father's Day

On Friday, 2 September, our Year 7 dads and students enjoyed an early Father's Day celebration together. The day started with a liturgy, followed by a delicious breakfast, cooked by our staff and students, and a very competitive game of ultimate frisbee.

We asked the students what Father's Day means to them:

"To spend time with dad and male role models and thank them for everything they have done." - Lucas

"A day to thank Dad for all the support and give them a present" - Sam

"Show our gratitude, spend time with them." - Georgina

"To show our fathers that they are most important to us and our world." - Eloise

"Father’s day is a day to appreciate your dads and let them know you love them and give back to them." - Ryan

"A celebration for what dad has done for us, for raising us and helping create a happy and healthy home." - Emmy

"Day to appreciate what they do for us." - Charlotte

"Caring, loving and respecting our dads and appreciating what they do." - Jed

"Acknowledging the sacrifices they make for us and an opportunity to spend quality time with them." - Lucas

"Father’s Day is a day to appreciate what they have done for us and honour their contribution to our lives and legacy." - Kyler

Happy Father's Day to all of Our Lady of Mercy Dads, Grandfathers and Carers!


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