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Year 12 2020 ATAR Results and Key Indicators

The Our Lady of Mercy College staff strive earnestly to assist students to achieve their best possible academic results. As part of our Reflective Practice process, an analysis of Year 12 results is conducted every year and forms the basis of any change to teaching practices from Years 7 – 12. Students at Mercy follow one of two pathways.

Pathway 1 – General studies leading to engagement in the workforce or further study in a variety of formats.

Pathway 2 – ATAR studies enabling students to obtain an Australian Tertiary Admissions Ranking (ATAR) for entrance to university.

The School Curriculum and Standards Authority, the Tertiary Information Services Centre and Catholic Education Western Australia make a wide range of data and statistics available. Our Lady of Mercy College also collates its own data.

The following sets of data are those considered to be the most useful in providing feedback to the College community.

Please click on the links below to view the documents.


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