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Year 10 Students Recognised for Academic Achievements and Displaying Mercy Values

Recently, the Head of Year 10, Mrs Joanne Ball, held a special assembly for the Year 10 cohort. During the assembly, Mrs Ball recognised and celebrated the academic achievements of the students in 2022.

Participants of the first Year 9 Talent Contest of 2022 were congratulated on their demonstrated courage and outstanding talents displayed.

She also acknowledged a group of students for their display of the Mercy values throughout the academic year. Mrs Ball highlighted how these values are essential to the students' personal growth and development, both inside and outside school. She particularly urged the students to focus on the values of Respect and Courage for the year ahead.

The assembly provided a valuable opportunity for students to be acknowledged for their hard work and dedication and encouraged them to continue striving for excellence in all areas of their lives.

The following awards were presented:

Awesome A's: An award for students who obtained eight A marks in their Semester 2, 2022 report.

Recipients were: Udari Perera, Olivia Mumme and Leela Baird.

Brilliant B's: An award for students who obtained a mixture of eight A marks and B marks in their Semester 2, 2022 report.

Recipients were: Allen Tyson, Slade Basso, Jaegar Barbas, Rachel Cronin, Emmasyn Dillon, Blake Elson, Thomas Jacob, Lily Knight, Addison Maskell. Charli Stewart, Harrison Silvestor, Daniel Philips, Ben Pennefather, Toby Maiolo, Sophie Langfried, Ellise McAlinden, Keeley Stevens, Chloe Sheahen, Bonnie Pere, Kiana Gwyn, Yumi Visleno and Finnley Piggott

2022 Mercy Medal: Recognising students who always show our Mercy Values.

Recipients were: Leela Baird, Udari Perera, Keeley stevens, Rachel Cronin, Emmasyne Dillon, Liliana Gray, Ashleigh Griffin and Sophia Landfried

Congratulations to all.


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