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Two Big Wins at Sunny Winter Carnival

It was a beautiful and sunny Spring day for end of term (strangely titled) Winter Carnival. All of the students who participated did a fantastic job of representing the College and they enjoyed their day of competition.

A huge thank you to our wonderful coaches:

Ryan Walkerden - Girls Volleyball

Jeff Harris - Boys Volleyball

Addy Godwin - Netball

Sinead Forster - Netball

Ryan McGeoch - Hockey

Courtney Barton - Girls Football

Cam Embry - Boys Football

Russell Manchip - Touch Rugby

Leah Stone - Girls Soccer

Tracey Arthur - Boys Soccer

David Mazza - Boys Basketball

We had some outstanding results, with several teams making the grand final for their divisions. Special mention to the A Division Netball team (coached by Addy) and one of our B Division Girls Volleyball teams (coached by Ryan W.) who won their divisions.

Our new trophies are being proudly displayed at the Admin Office.

Mrs Lauren Byett

Coordinator of Sport

Health & Physical Education Teacher


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