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Thrilling Showdown at Annual Lunchtime Volleyball Grand Final

The grand final of the annual lunchtime volleyball competition took place on Tuesday, 8 August, marking the culmination of a journey that began in the early days of Term 2.

This year, the competition saw 12 teams and over 80 participants battling it out for ultimate premiership glory. It has provided an incredible opportunity to build community, stay fit, and have fun.

Deserved grand finalists were the Volleyball Whackers and the Gold Diggers. A large crowd packed the gym to watch the tightly fought contest.

After completing a far superior warm-up than the opposition, the Gold Diggers came out firing. They were up by 8 points before the Volleyball Whackers awoke from their slumber. An arm wrestle ensued, with the Volleyball Whackers eventually completing an inspirational comeback and holding the premiership cup aloft.

We look forward to a bigger and better competition in 2024. Watch out for the teacher team!

Mr David Mazza, Head of Year 11


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