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Students Celebrate their Language Skills with Pizza and Noodles

Recently, the College celebrated Language Week. Each morning, Pastoral Care Groups were asked to compete in a quiz with language-related questions. Mr Galati’s PCG 12.1 won the competition with 24 points, and as a result, students were invited for a delicious Italian and Indonesian lunch to celebrate their wins.

Congratulations also to all the students who participated individually in the second edition of the Our Lady of Mercy College Languages Week Education Perfect competition. Congratulations to Jacob Napoli for winning first place, Jedd Vitali won second place, and Ashton Branchi for third place. Iris Pernich, who came fourth, also received a prize to reward her great effort.

Well done to all students and a big thank you to Mr Rotelli and Ms Mambak for organising these fun activities.


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