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Skills West – Careers & Employment Expo – Year 9 Career Taster Program

Recently, Year 9 students attended the Skills West – Careers & Employment Expo in Perth. The Expo showcases a broad range of education, training and employment opportunities.

The visit was a part of the Year 9 Career Tasters program and provided students with the opportunity to speak directly with exhibitors. They were able to gather information on careers that they may like for the future. Plus, collect some great merchandising materials from different career areas.

Students were asked to reflect on the experience and a sample of their feedback is listed below:

“It was really helpful, I learnt so much about different paths I could take and what I would need to get there. It was such a great experience and I hope we can go to something like this again.” Rachael Conway – Physick

“The different pathways you can take in different sectors of the electrical industry.” Blake Smallacombe

“I enjoyed learning about all of the different careers, it will definitely help me in choosing my future career.” Lily Knight

“One thing I learnt is that there are many types of engineering.” Ashleigh Griffin

“I had no idea that there were that many jobs out there.” Thomas Jacob

“That Cyber-Security is a really good job and there will be a lot of jobs in Cyber-Security in the future.” Max Sharp

“Everybody was very nice and treated us with respect and we learnt a lot and found out information we didn’t know about.” Caitlin Fraenkel

“I really enjoyed being able to explore all the different pathways, and get to talk to professionals who truly know the field. They were also able to answer my questions with much detail, and it was also really cool to look at companies that I hadn’t heard of or thought about before.” Rachel Cronin

There were over 140 exhibitors representing Higher Education, Vocational Education & Training (VET) plus employers from a broad range of industry areas. Students were able to observe WorldSkills Competitions with competitors engaged in a range of technical and trade areas. There was also the opportunity for students to try a range of hands-on activities including:

  • Aerospace, Maritime, and Logistics

  • Animation & Games

  • Applied Engineering

  • Aviation

  • Beauty

  • Boom Radio

  • Bricklaying

  • Childcare, Children’s Play & Learning

  • Creative Makeup

  • Cyber Security & Gaming Development

  • Defence, Mechanical & Fabrication

  • Engineering

  • Fashion

  • Graphics

  • Hairdressing

  • Health

  • Horticulture

  • Hospitality

  • Jewellery

  • Laboratory Operations

  • Locksmithing

  • Mechanical Fitting

  • Mining

  • Music

  • Nursing

  • Oil & Gas

  • Photography

  • Programming

  • Science & Environment

  • Surveying

  • Sustainability

  • Visual Arts

  • Web Development

  • Welding

Students provided feedback on the Expo when they returned to the College. Their responses were extremely positive, and many students scored the experience as 10/10 regarding meeting their career interests. Students were asked – “What is one career or occupation idea that you took away from the expo?”. There was a broad range of new and exciting career ideas that students identified as opportunities. Listed below is a snapshot of their responses from the survey they completed:

Miss Drage, Miss Doyle and Mr Briers were very impressed by the way in which our students engaged positively with exhibitors at the Expo. Many of our students said that they would have liked to spend more time at the Expo.

"It was a really enjoyable day. I was so proud of our students and the exemplary manner in which they represented the College. The maturity and enthusiasm that they showed about their future and the way they supported their peers in discovering potential opportunities was fantastic." Miss Teagan Doyle

The Skills West – Careers & Employment Expo is an annual event held in Perth and it is free for the public to attend. Overall students significantly benefited from the experience and it assisted them in learning about the career opportunities available to them.


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