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Our Lady of Mercy College Feast Day

On Friday, 18 September, the Students and Staff at Our Lady of Mercy College celebrated our inaugural College Feast Day.

Feast Day is one of the important highlights of the year as it is a bit like a birthday. It is the day we set aside to celebrate our creation and to focus upon the blessings and good fortune of life that comes our way. We acknowledge and give thanks that we are fortunate to be a member of our vibrant School Community. It is a special day that we celebrate with great joy.

This year the focus of the day was on building house spirit and healthy competition between houses by running games and activities for Students and Staff. The other very important goal of the day was simply to have fun.

Students and Staff were invited to wear their house shirt ands many of them added some extra "bling", such as house-coloured socks, hairspray, zinc and ribbons.

The day commenced with a Liturgy held in the undercover area. Following the Liturgy, Students gathered in their Houses to participate in various activities and challenges.

The activities included House Spirit challenges, such as creating House banners and House War Cries. Each House also competed in the inaugural Mercy Games, which is a combination of sports and novelty events.

A sausage sizzle lunch was provided by the College followed by the highlight of the day; a fantastic outdoor concert, presented by the Year 12 Students. The show included performances from our talented Music Students, a dance performance by the Year 12 Students and as a Grand Finale, a performance by the Staff.

There was a great energy throughout the entire day. Everyone enjoyed the opportunity to interact with students from other year groups in a relaxed, friendly atmosphere.

Please enjoy the photos below.


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