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Inspiring Learning in Human Biology Lesson (Contains Graphic Content)

This term, Year 11 Human Biology students have been exploring the various systems of the human body.

As part of their learning, students were given the opportunity to explore the heart and lungs by dissecting parts of a sheep's pluck.

During this process, students were able to examine various structures, feel the texture of the bubble-like alveoli and experiment on the different tissues.

As a class, students used a bike pump to explore the elasticity of lung tissue by hyperinflating the lungs. The Year 11s were amazed at how much they were able to blow up the lungs without causing damage. This led to several interesting conversations about the impact of life choices on the health of our respiratory system.

Thank you to Biology teachers, Dr Tracey Arthur and Mrs Stephanie Simpson, for providing this hands-on learning experience. It was an excellent opportunity for students to learn how body systems interact in the real world.


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