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Gymnasium Construction Update

A building and construction progress meeting was held on Wednesday, 9 September 2020. Please see below a progress update;

Progress in Detail

New Gymnasium and Classrooms

The forming, reinforcement install and pouring of concrete columns is ongoing.

The remaining footings have been excavated, formed and poured.

The lift pit block walls have been constructed, core-filled and waterproofed.

The Hydraulic prelay is nearing completion.

New Staff Carpark & Ringroad

Import of road base is ongoing.

Distribution and compaction of road base in layers is ongoing.

Civil stormwater install is complete.

Two Week Look Ahead

New Gymnasium and Classrooms

Form, install reinforcement and pour gymnasium footings.

Commence concrete walls to ramp and stage.

Commence final trim, form and reinforcement install of ground slabs.

New Staff Carpark & Ringroad

Complete road base install.

Set out new footpaths ready for box out.

Profiling of the existing road, kerbs, primeseal and asphalt will take place during the school holidays. Linemarking will be undertaken from 26 October 2020.


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