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From the Principal - Working in Partnership with the Local Community

On behalf of the College community, I recently wrote to the Shire of Harvey expressing concerns about the safety of our students who attend the Leschenault Leisure Centre (LLC) on Friday evenings.

I was particularly concerned for the safety of our students, especially those attending without parent supervision. In my letter, I stated that antisocial behaviour is causing concerns within the wider community. I wrote to advise LLC of our concerns and those of our parents. We encouraged a review of operations and or security which may prove beneficial to all involved.

A reply from Richard Duke, Manager of Leschenault Leisure Centre (LLC) was received recently thanking us for the feedback and acknowledging our concerns. Mr Duke advised that LLC staff have initiated early conversations with the primary user group, the Australian Basketball Association (ABA) and Australind Police, resulting in a number of improvements taking place. These improvements include:

  • Venue Officer and Sports Staff training

  • Expanded rosters and additional staff recruitment

  • Request for Australind Police to have a presence on Friday nights

  • ABA staff to work cooperatively with LLC staff and assume responsibility for crowd control on courts

  • LLC staff oversee venue access and safe operation

  • Increased CCTV surveillance

He further advised that the implementation of these measures appear to have been successful and reports that the last two Fridays have been extremely well patronised and incident free.

I am confident that parents will appreciate that this important safety matter has been raised with the relevant parties and a timely and appropriate response has been initiated.

Rob Crothers, Principal


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