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Catholic Secondary Principals Association visit the College

The Catholic Secondary Principals Association (CSPA) is a network of Principals leading Catholic Schools throughout Western Australia. The CSPA meet regularly to ensure that students in Catholic schools receive the highest level of education available.

Our Lady of Mercy College recently hosted the Annual Country Meeting which was attended by over 30 Principals. As the host school with responsibility for organisation, catering and networking, the College looked to our students and staff for support.

Our Maintenance Team had the College grounds looking amazing, students greeted and welcomed the Principals who were treated to coffee made by our student baristas and jazz music performed by our talented musicians. The student leaders led the Welcome to Country and Prayer in addition to sharing their personal perspectives of the College Pillars. Exceptional morning tea and lunches were prepared by our hospitality students and other students volunteered to lead tours of the College. The Principals were especially pleased to take with them a beautifully crafted gift from the College which reflected the local area and its history.

The students represented the College so positively and carried out their tasks in a polished and confident manner.

The big feedback on the day from many principals was that the students felt so proud of their school. The Principals said that the pride of the students in their school was so obvious to see. It was in their conversations, in their interactions and also in the manner in which they conducted themselves. Naturally, as the College Principal, I was very happy and proud to receive this feedback but most importantly, I felt a deep appreciation for all the work that our staff have done in creating such a strong and vibrant culture in such a short space of time.

The Principals were also glowing in their feedback regarding the organisation of the day, and I am appreciative of all who assisted in any capacity. I was particularly impressed by the initiative of staff and their ownership of tasks and responsibilities associated with the day.

I am fortunate to be able to work with students who are so cooperative and generous in giving of their time and to work with such a cooperative staff who are willing to pitch in and lend a hand.

It was a pleasure for the College to be able to host this very important meeting.

Rob Crothers, Principal


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