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Biology Zoo Excursion 2021

The students had been learning about classification and biodiversity in class and the Zoo provided a unique opportunity to put our skills into practice through the engaging educational programs run by the Zoologists.

Departing at 8.00am, students, along with Dr. Arthur were enthusiastic and optimistic about the day. Enjoying Lauren’s wonderful Spotify list on the drive to Perth, students entertained each other, singing and talking on the drive up to Perth.

Amy impressively maintained her study focus, whilst other students used the two-hour drive as an opportunity for downtime and de-briefing. Fortunately, traffic was on our side, as we arrived earlier than anticipated at the Zoo, providing students extra time to explore some of the vulnerable, endangered and critically endangered species. Lily was happy, as she got to visit the orangutans and Lauren practically ran to the elephants!

At 11.00 am, we met our coordinator, Clare, who hosted our class in the reptile room of the discovery centre. Students attended two classes: ‘Brilliant Biodiversity’ and ‘Highly Classified’. Students found the presentations interesting and helpful in preparing for upcoming assessments. They classified vertebrate skulls and handled reptiles as they discovered a variety of species and learnt the importance of maintaining species and ecosystems on our planet.

“This is the BEST excursion – the Zoo is awesome! We learnt lots!”

Following the presentations, students then had another opportunity to explore the Zoo before getting back on the bus. We left the zoo with a squeal from Makayla (as she nearly lost her lunch as we hit a bump leaving the carpark). The students and Dr. Arthur were tired but cheerful that the mission had been a success!

“I highly recommend the Biology Zoo Trip – you should totally go if you get the chance!”

Students felt that they really understood more about Biology and really enjoyed the hands-on activities that the Zoo provides. Dion nearly fell asleep as Amy and Lauren charmed us with their musical voices and giggles on the drive back to school.

It was a big day out, with lots of learning, but lots of fun as well.

The Year 11 Biology Class


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