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Workplace Learning

Year 10 Electives

Course Description

The Workplace Learning course aims to provide students with the knowledge, workplace skills and attitudes valued within work environments as a preparation for employment.

Developing workplace skills aids an individual to gain employment, and in the longer term, to progress within an organisation or industry area.

Workplace Learning;
• develops responsible work skills and assists in career planning and/or employment,
• increases self-esteem and confidence and develops broader communication skills,
• compliments and reinforces school courses and increases awareness of the link between school, work and further education,
• provides a realistic understanding of the expectations of specific industries,
• provides students with a ‘Skills Profile’, which enhances their employment prospects.

In Workplace Learning, students attend a workplace of their choice one day a week, which is organised in conjunction with their family, themselves, and the College.

On their return to school, students will have an opportunity to complete their logbook, develop a career portfolio and learn communication and conflict resolution skills.

Organisational skills will be developed, and students will be given support in completing work missed whilst on work placement.

More Information

For more information regarding Year 10 electives, please contact the Academic Services Team or the Career Services Department at the College. 

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