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Media Arts

Year 10 Electives

Course Description

In the Media Arts course, students will develop skills in photography, film, design and layout. This course enables students to explore a range of digital contexts in emerging technologies such as digital photography, video production and digital design. Students will complete storyboards, produce a short film, shoot photographs and use computer software for editing processing.

Media students will learn how to use a range of cameras, lenses and studio lighting. They learn editing techniques with suites such as Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom and Adobe Premiere Pro.

Students will have the opportunity to create multiple works within different mediums of media. Students are also encouraged to enter their work into a range of both photography and film competitions.

The program provides opportunities for students to respond to different design briefs and to produce a range of media works. Past projects have included music videos, film trailers, posters, documentaries, magazine covers and other industry-standard print productions.

This is a hands-on practical course and is strongly recommended for students considering Certificate II in Creative Industries (Film and Photography) in Years 11 and 12.

More Information

For more information regarding Year 10 electives, please contact the Academic Services Team or the Career Services Department at the College. 

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