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Year 8 Students Learn Valuable Enterprise Skills

The Year 8 students participated in 20 Dollar Boss this term. This exciting program provides students with a $20 start-up capital to create their own business.

Students worked in teams to develop their business idea using enterprise skills learnt in Humanities. They even had to create promotional posters to advertise their goods.

During lunchtime, for one whole week, students from all year groups were able to purchase products and services like cupcakes, succulents, stickers, game-time, window washing, brownies and cookie dough.

There was a vibrant atmosphere as the Year 8s sold merchandise, such as sushi, surfboard wax, keyrings, jewellery, bookmarks, NBA stickers and of course, lots of yummy baked goods.

All proceeds of the project will be donated to Caritas, in aide of people in need.

"20 Dollar Boss was really fun. I liked making and selling things and I really enjoyed getting the money and learning about what it is like being a business seller." Helena Hill

"20 Dollar Boss was really fun. It was scary at the start but we grew more confident as it went on. It feels really good knowing that we have made money to help charities, and learning about how to run a business."

Valentina Tirli

"20 Dollar Boss was really fun. We were able to run a business with all our friends. Our group was The Sour Spice Challenge and our spicy chips made a Year 10 cry."

Beau Fagents

"So my group made keychains and we were very happy with the result. We sold out on Friday and we are all very proud of ourselves."

Isabella Vlahov

"The 20 Dollar Boss went awesome. Everyone was so nice and all the products were amazing. Good job to everyone and thank you to the school."

Bob Eckersley


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