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Year 8 Retreat: Exploring Nature and Character Strengths

At the end of Term 2, the Year 8 students participated in the Year 8 Retreat, a memorable event that took place over two days. The year group was split into two groups: one group journeyed to the Wellington Dam Discovery Centre, while the other remained at the College.

At the Wellington Discovery Centre, the students immersed themselves in the wonders of our captivating native forests. They engaged in activities such as learning how to set traps for feral animals, embarking on a bush walk where they encountered ancient 200-year-old trees, and conquering a ropes course that required teamwork and collaboration.

The students at the College delved into exploring their Character Strengths. Through reflective exercises, they identified their character strengths and learnt to recognise them in others. In a series of interactive activities, they planned how to apply these strengths in their daily lives, setting meaningful goals for implementing them throughout Semester 2.

Despite the chilly mornings, our students' spirits remained high, as they all enjoyed the enriching experience.


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