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Year 7 Students Demonstrating the Mercy Value of Courage

In their first few weeks at Our Lady of Mercy College, the new Year 7 cohort have shown that they are a courageous bunch of students. The start to the 2021 school year has been a busy one and has definitely kept everyone on their toes. The students have demonstrated just how courageous they are by quickly adapting to their new environment. They have been making new friends and have been pushing themselves to step outside of their comfort zones.

The Year 7s commenced the year with two Activity Days at Pelican Point in which they participated in group activities and House challenges. These Activity Days were an excellent opportunity for the students to build their confidence, create House spirit and form new friendships. Our Principal, Mr Crothers, even joined in with the students and fell overboard during a rafting battle on the inlet.

The Year 7s are getting better at finding their way around the school. They are finding new passions and forming new friendships. There have been many personal items lost during these first few weeks, but at least the students are getting the hang of moving from class to class and being responsible for their own learning.

The start of Secondary School can be challenging. I am immensely proud of the way that these students have commenced their journey at the College. They are continuously demonstrating that they are compassionate, respectful, hospitable, and courageous young people.

They are a wonderful addition to our Mercy family, and I am very excited to see what they will achieve in the coming years.

Ms Teagan Doyle

Head of Year 7

Our Year 7 students were asked to write down how they experienced their first few weeks as a High School student. Please enjoy a selection of their quotes.

Courage is the Mercy Value that we are focusing on in 2021. How have you been courageous in your first two weeks?

I have shown courage in the first two weeks by trying new activities, having a go and making new friends. I have shown and used courage by being more independent.

Lani Beech

I displayed courage by coming to school every day trying my best, and being respectful and kind to everyone. I also showed courage by helping my friends with their lockers and speaking in front of the class in Italian.

Olivia Case

I have shown courage by starting a new school and facing all the challenges with enthusiasm and optimism.

Emily Hickling

Your time at high school will fly! Write down three things you would like to say to your grown up, graduating self at the end of Year 12.

  • Well done Zoe, you made it all the way through.

  • High school isn't as bad as you thought, isn't it?

  • High school was a great experience.

Zoe Birrell

I would say; good job for persevering through High School and trying my best in everything. It's great that you studied so hard, so that now you can go to University and get a good job. I am glad that I remembered to always be kind and open to making new friends.

Emily Hickling

Being at High School is very different from Primary School, isn't it? Can you give an example of this:

The ways that High School is different to Primary School are that in Primary School we don't move from class to class to get to a subject and at Primary School we don't have lockers.

Pemba Mullane

Well, I didn't know you were not allowed to go to your lockers between each subject. So it was really hard to carry your heavy files around with you. I also didn't expect that I like Maths so much (so far). I also got a message from Mrs Mullane, saying how I am a great student; I did not expect that.

Madeline Iannello

Do you enjoy being in a Homeroom with Year 8 students? What do you like about it or not like about it?

Yes, because I can get to know some older people and not just Year 7s. I think they are also comfortable with this school and make Mercy feel like home.

Olivia Case

Yes, I do enjoy being in a Homeroom with Year 8s because they always help you no matter how big or small the problem is. They always seem to fix it. Like when all my books fell out of my locker, this girl Maddison helped me put them all back in.

Madeline Iannello

What do you like best about being at Mercy and why?

I like pretty much everything about it. I've liked meeting new friends and teachers and having different classes in different places. I like being in C1 with Mrs Godwin at the start of the day as it gives me the courage to go through the rest of the day.

Charlie Pitts

I like making new friends and meeting new people. I also love the sport they do here. The only school that I have enjoyed is this school.

Lucas Cherubino


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