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Year 12 Tradition of Giving: Inspiring Contributions to St Vinnies Can Appeal

In keeping with the tradition established by previous graduating classes, this year's Year 12 students have pooled their resources to make a sizable contribution to the College's St Vinnies Can Appeal.

The main contributors were Henry King, Sophia Tomas, Laughlan Davies, Christelle Schwartz, and Lexi Sara. Together, they donated a range of food items, including soup, pasta, noodles, and the usual cans of baked beans and spaghetti. Their total donation amounted to a massive 230 food items.

The Year 12s' primary motivation was to provide a wide variety of food items and set an example to inspire other students to participate in the fundraiser.

Following the donations from her peers, Lily Corso made the decision to use all the money she earned through her casual job on the weekend, to purchase food items for the St Vinnies Can Appeal. Along with a donation from her mum, they purchased over 260 food items, which has raised the bar higher again.

Year 9 student, Seth Butson-McCartney, donated $100 of his pocket money to purchase food items for the appeal. Well done Seth, that is really very generous of you.

The Class of 2021 students, Josh and Gabe, initiated this tradition of compassion and kindness by donating two cartons of baked bean cans for the Food/Can donation fundraiser. The following year, the Class of 2022 students, Ryley and Zane, made a fantastic donation of 101 cans. This inspired Jarrod, Tanai, Zoe, Ben, Max, Jackson, Lochlyn, and Jasper (all from the same year) to raise the bar even higher with an awe-inspiring donation of 202 cans.

Well done to our students for displaying the Mercy value of Compassion by considering the needs of others.

Students can continue to bring in donations of non-perishable food items until Tuesday, 27 June 2023. These food items will be donated to the St Vinnies Conferences in Harvey and Collie.

Your support is greatly appreciated.


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