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Year 12 Graduation and Awards Ceremony

On Wednesday evening, 19 October, our Year 12 students celebrated their final chapter at the College. Students, family, and friends gathered at the beautiful St. Patrick’s Cathedral for the Graduation Liturgy, Awards Presentations and Graduation Ceremony.

The liturgy commenced with Father Con and a selection of the students leading in prayer. They asked God to guide them and their peers to use their gifts and talents to achieve their goals, and to have the strength to overcome any obstacles that they may face in the future. The liturgy concluded with Father Con blessing all of the Year 12 students.

Our Lady of Mercy College Choir, led by Mrs Tanya Kavanagh, sang An African Blessing, arrangement by Andrew Chihn, after which the official Presentation of Awards Ceremony commenced.

Please find here an overview of the awards presented during the evening and their recipients:

College Colours

The following students were awarded Academic Colours in recognition for their excellent academic achievements and efforts;

Lauren Cronin

Daniella Iuculano

Jessica Marzano

Luke McAtee

Neveiah Parravicini

Zakary Sutherland

Zoe Younger

Students who were awarded Community Colours for the outstanding contributions they have made to the College community were;

Zane Basso

Lauren Cronin

Isabelle Crump

Jessica Marzano

Amberley Milne

Ethan Nankivell

Jack Nankivell

Ryley Wastell

The next group of students were awarded Faith Colours for their contributions to faith-based initiatives at the College;

Lauren Cronin

Ashleigh Godwin

Jessica Marzano

Amberley Milne

Ryley Wastell

Students who receive all three Colours are presented with Honours. This year, two students attained this prestigious award; Lauren Cronin and Jessica Marzano.

Year 12 Awards

Jessica Marzano Mercy Values Award Amberley Milne Christian Service Award

Ryley Wastell Long Tan

Academic Excellence Awards

Zane Basso Excellence in Applied Information Technology


Albie Barnden Excellence in Materials Design and Technology:

Wood General

Georgia Carbone Excellence in Human Biology General

Jarrod Clifton Excellence in Certificate III Information Technology

Lauren Cronin Excellence in Certificate II Hospitality

Aurora De Swardt Excellence in Maths Applications ATAR

Rennan Dwyer Excellence in Certificate II Creative Industries

Bryce Facey Excellence in Accounting and Finance ATAR

Ashleigh Godwin Excellence in Economics ATAR

Kane Italiano Excellence in Building and Construction General

Leah Italiano Excellence in Certificate III Sport and Recreation

Daniella Iuculano Excellence in English ATAR

Jessica Marzano Excellence in Literature ATAR

Religion and Life ATAR

Luke McAtee Excellence in Chemistry ATAR

Mathematics Specialist ATAR

Physics ATAR

Lenny Mutai Excellence in Materials Design and Technology:

Metal General

Ethan Nankivell Excellence in Music ATAR

Mia Nandapi Excellence in Human Biology ATAR

Chloe Scott Excellence in Certificate II Outdoor Recreation