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Year 12 Ball Illuminates the Night with Elegance, Joy, and a Parade of Stunning Vehicles

Our Year 12 cohort sparkled and shone at their Year 12 Ball on Saturday, 3 February at the stunning Lighthouse Resort!

They arrived in style, rolling up in a spectacular array of vehicles - from vintage cars to sleek sportscars, and, of course, the ever-reliable Landcruiser! As they stepped onto the red carpet, they were cheered on by their proud families and staff members.

It was a night filled with laughter and unforgettable memories as our Year 12 students danced the night away.

Thank you to all families and staff for your support. Thank you also Mantra Bunbury Lighthouse for your hospitality and the team of Henderson Photographs for capturing all the precious moments.

All photos of the ball have been shared with Year 12 students and families.


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