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Year 11 and 12 Certificate III Early Childhood Education and Care Students Learn Vital Skills

Our Year 11 and 12 Certificate III Early Childhood Education and Care students recently completed/ renewed their First Aid certificate. The students enjoyed learning relevant new skills and commented:

We learnt how to examine a casualty, perform resuscitation, use a defibrillator, ensure a safe scene, and deal with any bleeding or trauma. I enjoyed the fact that I now have the proper skills to be able to help somebody one day.” Jaymie (Year 11)

“I learnt from the course how to help someone who is sick or injured and be able to help save a life. I enjoyed doing the scenarios and working out what was wrong with the person and helping them.” Tasha (Year 11)

"I learnt how to properly give someone effective CPR and how to teach someone else to take over and set up the defibrillator. I enjoyed working in pairs so we can learn what to do and help each other to pass the CPR component." Chelyce (Year 12)

"I learnt how to do First Aid. It was very helpful if something happens so that I know what to do. I enjoyed all of the scenes we did because it was fun trying to figure out what's wrong with them." Ella-Rose (Year 11)

"I learnt how to do CPR on adults, children and infants and enjoyed the fun learning experience with my friends." Erin (Year 11)

"What I learned in First Aid was to keep your arms straight when you're doing CPR. I enjoyed that we got to have a little bit of fun doing it." Kylah (Year 11)


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