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Year 10 Outdoor Adventure Camp by Maylea and Tawonga

Earlier this term, our Year 10 students went on a week of Outdoor Adventure Camp and enjoyed the rough outdoors of our beautiful South West forests and coastline. They created fantastic memories whilst hiking, kayaking, cooking, and talking around the campfire.

"The Year 10 Outdoor Adventure Camp was an experience I’ll never forget. I think most of my group can agree that the bush-bashing for hours with our 20kg backpacks is something we won’t miss. It was amazing to have such wonderful leaders to guide us through a once-in-a-lifetime experience. We abseiled down 40m cliffs, wandered through terrifyingly dark caves, canoed down rivers and told hilarious campfire stories after the terrible sing-alongs. I’m glad I pushed myself in this camp."

Maylea Howe, Year 10

"Courage was something I struggled with. Even coming to Outdoor Adventure Camp was very scary, but not coming to camp would have been something I would have regretted. Even though some things were challenging, getting through them has helped me be courageous. I will never forget the campfire stories (and the memes) that I shared with my new friends."

Tawonga Ncube, Year 10


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