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West Australian Ballet Review (by Sannae)

On Friday, 26 March, the Year 9 Dance students travelled up to Perth to visit the West Australian Ballet perform Genesis. Genesis is a combined production of 11 small dance performances with the purpose of sharing passion for new creation.

Different dancers showcased their choreographic flair, exceptional skill, and passion for their craft in a short, personalised piece.

The students were certainly inspired and even had the opportunity to meet with the choreographers after to ask questions.

Sannae, Year 9, wrote the following review on her favourite piece, called Natural Dualities.

On Friday, 26 March 2021, I watched the West Australian Ballet perform. The performance was performed at the WA Ballet Centre in Perth. The performance was outstanding.

There were eleven dances in total and they were all amazing. The feature performance for me was definitely Natural Dualities. Natural Dualities had a deep storyline behind the choreography. The storyline was the concept of dual and opposite forces stretching through our reality on the deepest scale. The choreographer was Matej Perunicic. The dance was a contemporary dance that included lots of unusual hard-hitting movements. The choreography looked very effective on stage and really suited the concept and music. The names of the dancers who performed in this piece were Candice Adea and Adam Alzaim.

The dance had great use of lighting. The lighting started off very dark and had a few spotlights on the dancers at times. When the music started to get quieter, the lighting got warmer. The costumes that the performers wore really suited the music. The couple were wearing green and black baggy pants and a green and black top that had cut-outs on the shoulders and straps going over the arm. The lighting and costumes really helped the dance to suit the storyline.

The dance had really cool, unusual music. The choreographer actually made his own music for the piece. The music was very hard hitting at times, which helped display the story line. The music then also got quieter throughout the dance. The set was just a black curtain behind the stage. There was no use of props in the performance.

The choreographer used many turns, jumps and partner work throughout the dance to help display the storyline. The dance involved very sharp movements and also involved some very controlled movements. The sharp movements were used when the music was very hard-hitting, and the controlled movements were used throughout the entire dance. In the performance, space was used very well to indicate a storyline. The dance used a lot of different levels, meaning they used the floor and also did movements standing up. The dance had a lot of travelling, meaning they used the entire stage and used the space very well.

Time was used in the dance as well. There were moments of slow-motion movements and fast movements. Time was also used to indicate the storyline to the audience.

Overall, the WA Ballet performance was incredible. My favourite performance was Natural Dualities. The performance had a very deep storyline behind it and was very meaningful. I would recommend watching the WA ballet perform.


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