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Visions of our 2022 Student Leaders

A group of COURAGEOUS Year 11 students addressed their cohort on the morning of the 12th October, as they were running for the positions of 2022 College Captain and Vice-Captain.

Their inspiring speeches addressed the Mercy Values and contained great visions of leadership. There was a strong focus on COMMUNITY, COMPASSION and SUSTAINABILITY.

Please enjoy some extracts of their speeches.

Ashleigh Godwin

"The Mercy Values are a focal point of our College. I strive daily to live out these values through my interactions with others, the way I treat myself, and the way I live. The value that most strongly resonates with me is Compassion. As a younger student I always admired the people who were approachable, offered a helping hand, or encouraged me to do my best. My goal is to make people feel comfortable around me, and be able to ask for my help. A compassionate person will always go out of their way to help people in need. I have always tried to take the opportunities given to me to donate, to lend a hand, or to serve as a mentor for younger students. I attempt to live out the value of Compassion by encouraging others to embrace every opportunity they are given, by listening to their concerns, and by embracing the College community. "

Sallyanne Power

"A strong leader requires having the ability to work alongside peers to guide, motivate and work to provide innovative ideas and solutions. Leadership involves a considerable amount of Courage as well as Compassion to become an effective, respected leader and I feel as though I am well prepared to offer you these qualities. "

Lauren Cronin

"Good morning, I decided to nominate for a captaincy position in 2022 for many reasons but particularly because of a quote that I read a couple of years ago. Now, I know most of you will have heard this quote before and will cringe when I say it but from the words of Wayne Gretzky "You miss 100% of the shots you don't take." Since that day I have tried my best to live up to this, taking as many opportunities as possible, an example of this being signing up for leadership ... after all, you only live once, so why not live it to the fullest.

Putting the cheesy quotes aside, I believe I would make a good captain because I care about the College and would like to give back in some way for all the opportunities it has given me over the last 5 years. Our Lady of Mercy has enabled me to make a wide range of friends, taught me how to debate, allowed me to explore my dramatic passions and has opened a lot of doors for me for the future."

Isabelle Crump

"I always display Compassion to others by showing kindness and empathy. I have demonstrated this by being a caring friend to others in their time of need, wherein I have listened to their problems and given them advice and encouragement. "

Ryley Wastell

"Now an important quality of leadership is being able to collaborate with people, this may not always be possible but it is important for a leader to be able to consider all sides and lead even if it is against their own opinion with the majority consensus, I will ensure a democratic leadership for the people. "

Amberley Milne

"One of my goals for 2022, would be to get our environment and sustainability committee up and running again. I believe that education is the way to saving our future, and by leading this committee will be the first step in inspiring others and our school to be more

considerate of our actions regarding the environment. Not only will I aim to create a more sustainable College, but one that continues to be united. "

Neveiah Parravicini

"I place huge importance on the Mercy value of Respect, as this is a fundamental aspect in my life. Respect is the core principle of Karate, a martial art I have been training in since the age of six and from there I have used this value to incorporate not only into this art but my daily life, whether that be in a school community, wider community and even in my family environment. "

Ethan Nankivell

"Over the past two years, it is clear to me that the senior leaders have done a fantastic job at improving House spirit as a primary goal, and as we are a new school this has been an important and necessary focus. If I were a College Captain for 2022, my focus would expand from House spirit alone (which I believe has reached a natural point of consistent growth for the future of the school) to community spirit within the school. I would propose a shift from consistent inter-house competition, to inter-house cooperation, as I believe that competition, while fun, is unhealthy if done consistently. My hope being that with this goal in mind, an extremely positive school atmosphere would be nurtured, with focus on healthy competition and cooperation in balance."

The winning 2022 Student Leaders were announced at the Term 4 Assembly held on Friday, 29 October. We are excited to announce that..

Amberley Milne and Ethan Nankivell will take on the role of College Captains.

Lauren Cronin and Sallyanne Power will be the College Vice-Captains.

Costello House Captains are Kyla Brophy-Smith and Ashleigh Godwin.

Hayes House Captains are Grace Lovett and Mia Nandapi.

McAuley House Captains are Chelyce Wastell and Rennan Dwyer.

Read House Captains are Isabelle Crump and Nicolas Madaffari.

Arts Captains are Emily Behrend and Rose Torrisi.

Ministry Captains are Jessica Marzano and Ryley Wastell.

Sports Captains are Leah York and James Kiely.

Congratulations to all students. We are confident that by demonstrating the Mercy Values you will be great role models for your fellow students. We look forward to see you bringing your visions come to live!


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