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The Year 9 Child Development Class Learn about Motherhood Journey from Pregnant Guest Mrs Thompson

Yesterday, in the Year 9 Child Development Class, the students welcomed a special guest, Mrs Amba Thompson. Mrs Thompson, who is 13 weeks pregnant, shared her experiences of pregnancy with the class, much to the delight of the students.

The group was eager to learn about the signs and symptoms of pregnancy as Mrs Thompson shared her personal experiences, giving the students real-life insight into what it's like to be pregnant.

The students listened attentively as Mrs Thompson discussed everything from morning sickness to baby kicks, and they asked plenty of questions along the way. Many students were amazed to learn just how much a woman's body changes during pregnancy.

The class was grateful to Mrs Thompson for taking the time to visit and share her experiences with them. It was a valuable lesson for the students, who gained a newfound appreciation for the journey that expectant mothers go through.

Thank you to Mrs Shields for organising this engaging learning opportunity.

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