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Talented Young Writers Arlen, Thomas and Taj (Year 8) Have Fun with Poetry

My Year 8 English class have been experimenting with poetic form and rhyme. I think that the poems below, modelled on Australian poet Mary Duroux’s “I Am”, are delightful!

Mrs Sally Ball, English Teacher and Librarian


I AM by Arlen Pallett

I am


the sound emerging

from those who’re joyous.

I am


elements merging,

logic surging.

I am

the pub table,

balls rolling

hit by the cue.

I am


I know I am.

Who are you?


I AM by Thomas Mills

I am

the sand

soft and soothing

as I’m swallowed by the sea.

I am

a sloth

barely moving

as I search for shade in a tree.

Who are you?


I AM by Taj Barclay

I am

the thunder

the booming of the night;

I am

the flu

the bringer of your blight;

I am

the flower

the blooming of the day;

I am

the deity

the one to which you pray.

Who are you?

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