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Students TRY-A-TRADE

Earlier this term, some of our Year 9 and Year 10 students had the opportunity to try out the Electrical Trade. As part of the Bunbury Try-A-Trade program, they attended the Bunbury Trade Training Centre at Eaton Community College and got some great hands-on trade experience.

Year 10 student William said: "We learned how to put circuits together, how to use different wires and learned how to fit them to light switches and sockets. It was really good to find out what you would be doing as an electrician and whether I would like it or not."

Year 9 student Billie said: " Try-A-Trade is good for trying something different and to see if I want to be 'Tradie'. We also learned about refrigeration, and we learned how to bend pipes. I am not sure if I want to be an electrician. I would like to try out some other trades first, such as Construction and Carpentry."

Try-A-Trade is a program which is an excellent opportunity to help students make an informed decision about a career in electrical and air conditioning trades within the building and construction industry. It is a short program that runs over three days and aims to motivate students through a fun, hands-on experience which encourages them to appreciate that skills education and training offer real choices for the future.

Later in the term, there will be some students participating in a Building and Construction Try-A-Trade program.

Our Lady of Mercy College Careers/VET Coordinator, Mr Dale Briers says: " It is a great opportunity to learn about working in an electrical trade environment. Students have the opportunity to engage with industry lecturers and gain first-hand knowledge about future career and employment opportunities. Students who enjoyed the Try-A-Trade experience can study Electro-technology courses in Year 11 and 12, as part of the Vocational Education and Training program offered at Our Lady of Mercy College.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss career options for your child, please do not hesitate to contact Mr Dale Briers or Mrs Janet Wilson in Our Lady of Mercy College Careers and VET Department.

Students can also direct message Mrs Wilson to arrange a meeting.


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