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Students Shine at The WA Performing Arts Eisteddfod

Year 9 Dance students performing a lyrical dance to a song called ‘Driver’s License’, by Olivia Rodrigo.

The WA Performing Arts Eisteddfod (WAPAE) is a performing arts competition that was first held in Bunbury in 1914.

The idea behind the Eisteddfod was to provide performers of all ages, gender and abilities an opportunity to perform on stage in a professional theatre. They can demonstrate their skills, be recognised amongst their peers and community, and be encouraged to pursue their goals and dreams.

A number of Our Lady of Mercy College Performing Arts students participated in different categories at this year’s Eisteddfod, as class groups and individual performers representing the College. They enjoyed the experience, showcasing their Dance and Drama talents to the Bunbury public.

The Year 9 and 10 Dance students, under the tutelage of Miss Davis, competed in the category of Secondary School Age Troupe, against eleven other items from several schools in the Bunbury district. Year 9 Dance students performed a lyrical dance to a song called ‘Driver’s License’, by Olivia Rodrigo and the Year 10s also performed a lyrical dance to ‘Pierre’, by Ryn Weaver. All students danced beautifully, captivating the audience. For some students, it was their first time dancing on stage. We are very proud of these students as they had a go, displaying the courage needed to dance in front of a live crowd in a professional venue and ‘against’ many students that have been dancing for numerous years.

Year 9 Dance students: Ava Balinski, Jenell Baraza, Grace Cheng, Elyse Coate, Jessica Crump, Isabella Dallywater, Madelyn Foreman, Phoebe Krawczyk, Lily May, Ella McDonald, Sannae Rewell-Davis, Imogen Seale, Mia Simpson, Claire Smith, Eliza Stubbs, Jemma Swadel, Emily Templeton, Matilda Warburton and Cahlia White.

Year 10 Dance students: Ella Rose Furler, Georgia Mumme, Mackenzee Richter and Claire Scoullar.

Joshua Jacobs, Emily Behrend and Gabriel Mulholland performed monologues that they have been learning with Mr Obern in their Year 11 and 12 ATAR Drama courses. All students performed exceptionally well, with all scores exceeding 83%. Students involved were glad to receive beneficial feedback from the adjudicator, who has not only assessed students in the WACE practical exam previously but is also currently employed by the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts (WAAPA).

‘I took part in the WACE Drama Stage 2 Scripted Monologue Solo and took out first place. Although I was the only one in the category, it was worth the feedback. I scored 84/100 and received a very knowledgeable response on the Shakespearean context of my piece’.

Emily Behrend, Year 11

Josh Jacobs, Year 12, performed his WACE monologue, placing first and was asked to perform the piece again at the Gala Night.

Josh Jacobs performing part of his monologue at a recent College assembly.
‘The gala was a great experience. It was great to have my monologue performed not only in a professional venue but with professional lighting to create a further mood. It was enjoyable thinking about my monologue and my future, as after my performance I was interviewed by the MC, and had to provide information on how I transitioned between the characters in the monologue, as well how I see my future’.

Josh Jacob, Year 12

There were also many other OLMC students that participated at the Eisteddfod, as individual representing their various Dance and Music and Vocal Schools, and many of whom learn music and vocals from tutors based at Our Lady of Mercy College. Congratulations and well done to these students for their participation.

I did participate in the Eisteddfod this year. I got two third places in ‘12 and under’ Jazz & Rags and Popular Songs Solo. It was an amazing experience to have and I loved every second of it.

Thomas Mills, Year 7

I participated in the Eisteddfod outside of school through my dance studio and would like to say that we did very well for our first time performing in some sort of competition. We ended placing third. My experience in the Eisteddfod was an exciting experience with a few nervous jitters from my friends and I. It is something I would do again.

Ashleigh Griffin, Year 8

Carol (Sophia) Tomas, registered and participated as individual.

The College commends the students on Embracing this wonderful opportunity, and we hope to see many more performers representing Our Lady of Mercy College in the future.


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