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Students Gain Valuable Skills During Year 10 Work Experience

During the last week of Term 2, Year 10 students from Our Lady of Mercy College completed Work Experience placements. Over 80 local businesses and organisations partnered up with the College in providing these opportunities for the students.

The Work Experience program provides students in Year 10 with the opportunity to spend a week in a workplace to learn about working in their area of interest. It is part of the Year 10 Careers Studies. Students initiate contact with potential workplaces and confirm their placements arrangements themselves.

During that week, Our Lady of Mercy College Careers/VET staff visited students at their host workplaces. They spoke with supervisors and mentors, and the feedback regarding the students’ performance was overwhelmingly positive.

Our Year 10 students expressed how valuable the experience has been. Many students commented on how the program has assisted them in understanding the different types of employment and career opportunities available to them. The program also helped some students in understanding that a particular career area was not something that they would like to pursue further.

97% of the students said that they enjoyed the experience. 25% of the students were offered a part-time job as a result of their placement.

Our Lady of Mercy College would like to sincerely thank the businesses and organisations for their generous support in providing placements for our students. We would also like to acknowledge their staff who assisted and mentored the students. Their time and effort has contributed to a meaningful and rich learning experience.

A list of all generous businesses are listed towards the end of this story.

Please enjoy the feedback from our Year 10 students below:

What skills did you learn and use during your placement?

I learnt how to produce and read/use blueprints. I learnt how to calculate the different stopping sight distances (SSD), in order to prove a road is up to the safe standard that Australia has made. I learnt about the different processes of planning before roads can be built, you are required to look up to the standard that not only the Government has put in place but also keeping all other people of interest happy, e.g. the shire, the local residents and businesses, the environmental impact/people who have those concerns. e.c.t. I also did university level math's with the co-owner or manager of the Bunbury station (who was also my supervisor). the reason I know its university level is because we where going over his text book on hydraulics from university. We looked through calculations involving culverts (water ways). just to sum up the study, I did calculations on finding depth of flowing water in a curtain gradient and material, understanding discharge (Volume per second) and preparing culverts for storms that happen every 50 to 100 years.

Ryan Case, WML Consulting Engineers

The skills I've learnt during my placement are communication, initiative, self-management and planning and organising.

Sophia Tomas, BMR Engineering

Learning and using communication between different groups with different roles to complete tasks. Also showing initiative when using multiple aspects of software to complete certain digital tasks.

Ethn McEwen, Bunbury Toyota

I learnt how to communicate and help younger kids with their class work, and I also learnt organisation skills as I helped the teacher organise student files and other work folders and books.

Jessica Napoli, Leschenault Catholic Primary School

Team work, communication, initiative and decision making.

Amelia Ietto, Terry White Chemmart

Communication, teamwork, problem solving, initiative, decision making, organisation.

Mackenzee Richter, Ninth Street Veterinary Clinic

How to help children with learning disabilities do their work. how to manage children and make sure they stayed on task. help a kid when they lost their tooth (which was gross).

Annisa Pedrazzoli, St Anne's Primary School

I learnt that communication is very important in the workplace to help people understand what's going on and what everyone is doing. You have to have initiative sometimes if you are by yourself and unsure of something. Teamwork is important as well as planning and organising.

Emily Jansen, Bunbury Wildlife Park

Explain what you enjoyed about your placement.

I enjoyed being able to help the kids and have the opportunity to change my perspective of being a student to a teacher.

Bree Chalk, Leschenault Catholic Primary School

I enjoyed working with the animals and learning new skills and meeting new people in the work industry. They helped me understand how to progress in that particular work industry.

Alyssa Liddelow, Bunbury Wildlife Park

The employees whom i worked with and who trained me were very polite and helpful, and always assisted me with tasks and any questions that i asked. the work was easy to complete, and the environment was very high energy and it was all round a great work placement.

Mikaela Caton, Grand Cinemas Bunbury

What advice would you give a Year 9 student to help them prepare for Work Experience in Year 10?

Do something you enjoy and think outside of the box! Even if you don't necessarily want to pursue this workplace as a career, if you enjoy what you are doing it may change your mind and make you realise a new future pathway and if not you will still have a blast.

Nina Bennett, Harvey Hospital - PCA

Go to a workplace that interests you. If you for example enjoy cars, then maybe consider a mechanic. If you for example enjoy sport, then consider assisting a PE teacher at a school etc. I also recommend going in personally to place your workplace as online can result in you getting turned down as they have no idea who you are.

Mason Bowles, BVA Metal Fabrications

Come into the experience with an open mindset.

Alex Doyle, Melo Velo Bunbury

Make sure to talk and connect with other people in the workplace and ask questions to learn about the business and what its like to work there.

Henry King, South 32 Worsley Alumina

Thank you to the following businesses:

Alcoa Willowdale Mine

Amaroo Primary School

Angalines Beauty Studio

Annie's Angels Play and Development Centre

Ausquip Industries

Aust-Guard Security Services

Australind Dental Centre

Australind Essential Grooming

Baggetta Builders

BMR Engineering


Brunswick Veterinary Services

Bunbury Toyota

Bunbury Wildlife Park

BVA Metal Fabrications

Chez Belle Beauty Salon

CHOICE Aviation

Coast Country Computers

Coastal IT Support Treendale

Collie Early Education

Country Landscaping

Crank'n Cycles 'n Toys

Crop Cool and Ice Services

Department of Local Government, Sport & Cultural Industries

Dianon Electrical

Dolphin Discovery Centre

Eaton Pet Vet

Fairview Primary School

Forrest Wealth Pty Ltd

Fresh Floral Studio

Get Ya Rocks Off Crystals

Goodstart Early Learning Australind

Grace Christian School

Grand Cinemas Bunbury

Harvey Community Play and Learning Centre

Harvey Hospital - PCA

Harvey Pharmacy

Hope Christian College

IVC Computer Services

Jacksons Drawing Supplies Pty Ltd Busselton

Jandco Electrics

JDW Tiling

Kent Lyon Architect

Leschenault Catholic Primary School

Life Plus U

McEvoy Homes and Renovations

Melo Velo Bunbury

Micah Inclusion

Ngalangangpum School

Ninth Street Veterinary Clinic

NV Engineering

Ocean Grown Abalone

Parkfield Primary School

Riverlinks Child Care Centre

Shire of Dardanup

South 32 Worsley Alumina

South West Yamaha

Southern Marine Maintenance & Detailing

St Anne's Primary School

St Brigid’s

St Michaels Catholic Primary School

T & R Contracting

Terry White Chemmart Eaton

Terry White Chemmart Australind

The Café Merchant

Timothy John Hickmott

Treendale Medical Group

Treendale Primary School

Tronox Pigment Bunbury Ltd

Tronox Pigment Bunbury Ltd

Unique Creations Hair & Beauty

V & V Walsh

Valley View

WML Consulting Engineers

Yookson Road Engineering


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