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Sophia (Year 11) Achieves a Silver Badge in the Duke of Edinburgh's International Award Program

Congratulations to Year 11 student Sophia Thomas, who recently achieved her Silver Badge in the Duke of Edinburgh's Internal Award program.

The Duke of Edinburgh's International Award is an internationally recognised program for young people, building their skills to equip them for life and work. The Award can play a critical role in their development by creating opportunities to develop skills, get physically active, give service, and experience adventure.

To achieve an award, each young person must learn a skill, improve their physical wellbeing, volunteer in their community and experience a team adventure in a new environment.

Sophia commented: "After learning about this incredible opportunity, I decided to take the chance and start my own journey and push myself to the best of my ability. The confidence and the skills that could be gained and developed through this Award was something that I knew would help me mature as a person.

I had to volunteer to coach since that was one of the chosen activities, and I also went on an adventurous journey which was Explorus in Year 10. Many photos had to be taken for proof, and I answered questions regarding my experience and my journey along the way.

Throughout my experience, I have learned to challenge myself in different aspects of life."

Today, more than 130 countries have adopted The Duke of Edinburgh's International Award program, with over 8 million young people having participated worldwide. Locally, over 775,000 young people have participated in the Award in Australia in the past 58 years, with on average 40,000 very diverse participants annually working towards achieving an Award.

Well done, Sophia, for challenging yourself, giving service and showing ambition to learn new skills. You have Embraced Life and demonstrated the Mercy Spirit throughout your journey.


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