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Science Week Competition Winners

Shared first prize winning photo by Max Moore (Year 9)

During Science Week our students were invited to compete in a variety of activities, relating to the Science Week theme of “The Deep Blue”.

Students were asked to take and submit a photo that represents part of “The Deep Blue” to them. This could be anything ocean or estuary related. Voting was open to students. Mrs Blower, our College Communications Coordinator, also assisted in judging the submissions.

The entries were outstanding which made it extremely difficult to pick a winner. The first prize is shared between Jayda Evans (Year 7) and Max Moore (Year 9), who both submitted work with great composition and colour. Both the images represent the Science Week theme very well.

Lily Bradley (Year 10) won the Shark Drawing contest and Michael Yates (Year 10) won the Science Week Quiz.

It is fantastic to see how our students are embracing the Mercy Value of "Courage" by showcasing their talents and participating in these activities. Congratulations to all finalists.

Science Week Quiz – Michael Yates (Year 10)

Science Week Shark Drawing

First Prize: Lily Bradley (Year 10)

Second Prize: Keeley Stevens (Year 7)

Science Week Deep Blue Photo Competition

Shared First Prize: Jayda Evans (Year 7) and Max Moore (Year 9)

Runner up: Luke Rosewarne (Year 8)

Shared first prize winning photo by Jada Evans (Year 7)

Runner-up photo by Luke Rosewarne (Year 8)

Shark Drawing Challenge by Lily Bradley (Year 10) and Keeley Stevens (Year 7)


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