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School-based Traineeship at Eaton Hair Salon for Lily (Year 10)

Lily May (Year 10) attended Eaton Hair Salon for Workplace Learning hours in Term 1, 2022. Salon owner, Rebecca was so impressed with Lily’s commitment that she asked the College to extend Lily’s placement under a trial period for the prospective Traineeship.

Tracie Yardley from Apprenticeship Support Australia was on hand to assist Lily’s employer with a contract and training plan, allowing Lily to gain her Certificate qualification and continue her studies at Our Lady of Mercy College.

Lily signed her contract this week, officially commencing her training through South Regional TAFE and Eaton Hair Salon. Lily will be completing her Certificate II in Salon Assistant, attending the workplace two days a week over 18 months.

School-based Traineeships provide students over 15 years of age a great opportunity to gain valuable hands-on industry experience, acquire a nationally recognised qualification and employable skills while remaining at school and completing their WACE.

Our Lady of Mercy College is deeply invested in assisting students to navigate the many pathways available to them through Workplace Learning, VET and Certificate Courses. We are committed to working closely with prospective employers to grow and develop relationships and provide an opportunity to connect students to their chosen vocations.

Thank you to the team at Eaton Hair Salon and Tracie Yardley from Apprenticeship Support Australia for your ongoing support.

If you have any questions or would like more information relating to VET/Careers, please contact the Career Services Team at the College.


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