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Remote Learning: The Students' Perspective

"Online learning was not my personal favourite way of continuing to learn, but the teachers made it as easy as possible" Oliviah Brojanowski, Year 10

With most of our students back at College engaged in Face-to-Face Learning, we took some time to reflect on the weeks behind us, We asked our students if they could give us their thoughts and opinions on Remote Learning.

We can conclude that although most students enjoyed the sleep-ins, eating at their desks and petting their dogs whilst doing Maths, they are all happy to be back at school and engaging in Face-to Face learning.

"I am giving you my review on the online school:

- I liked knowing everything we were doing that week.

- I didn’t like the teachers not being able to physically teach us.

- I didn’t like actually having classes."

Meg Kimpton Year 8

"What I disliked about the online learning was that we had do too much work and that there were too many places to go and sometimes I didn’t know where to go.

What I liked about the online learning is that you were able to contact the teachers very quickly because the teachers were on their computers a lot.

If we go back to online learning the things they can change about it is probably less work and make sure that we only have to do the core subjects not everything else like last time. " Logan Trickett, Year 8

"I thought it was better completing the work online due to me finishing work earlier. I also had constant help from my dad so I didn't have to put my hand and up and wait for a teacher. It was quicker and I had more help but it was sometimes hard to find the work to be completed as the work was spread over Teams, Onenote and SEQTA."

Mason Bowles, Year 9

"All in all I quiet enjoyed isolation and the independence of working at home as well as spending more time with my family but I also faced challenges. I really missed being able to socialize and seeing my friends but I am really glad we are all back at school now and everyone is safe. "

Nina Bennett, Year 9

" The online learning experience was difficult for me. It was hard to be motivated to do work without any of my friends around or just someone to talk to. When I called a few of my friends and talked to them, I felt a little more motivated to actually get some work done. "

Tanai Shedley Year 10

"I did not enjoy remote learning. While I did fine academically, I find that the platform is not a replacement for face to face learning and fails to capture the personal aspect of learning. I also find that far too many people cannot handle it. Teachers should rejoice knowing that robots will not take their jobs in the near future." Ethan Nankivell Year 10

"Teachers should rejoice knowing that robots will not take their jobs in the near future." Ethan Nankivell Year 10

Homeroom 7.3 wrote a letter to Mr Crothers with their thoughts on Remote Learning:

Our Year 11 students sat down and combined their perspectives on Remote Learning. Here are the positives and negatives as experienced by the Year 11 students:


- Lessons were well-planned

- It was better to have something rather than nothing

- There were less disruptions so could get through the work more quickly

- Flexible timing – we could sleep in and begin our school work at a time that suited us

- Didn’t have to wear a uniform which meant we could wear more comfortable clothing


- Too many distractions at home

- Missed face-to-face communication with teachers

- Not enough time during the video chat sessions to talk to teachers

- Some of the work was mentally exhausting

- Many IT issues

- Lack of structure in the day

- Lack of physical activity

THANK YOU to all the students who took the time to share their thoughts with us. Especially Ethan Nankivell for re-assuring our teachers that they are doing a great job and shall not be replaced by robots in the near future.


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