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News from the Warm Heart of Mercy

Winners of the Animated Film Quiz: Rowan Meango, Jade Dias, Allie Rule, Tahlia Reichelt and Ruby Ieraci

The Library has been a hive of activity recently. Our Milo, Munchies and Musings members have met to meditate on favourite books and authors. The Philosophy Club congregates every Thursday lunchtime to discuss and debate topical issues. And we have chess, card and game players who regularly come upstairs to have a bit of downtime.

Because last week was Humanities Week, we have put up a series of cartoons that depict our world leaders. and see if you can guess “Who’s who in the zoo!”

We also have a couple of Medieval characters gracing the Library and some wonderful 3D jigsaws of Medieval Castles.

Additionally, to support the Humanities curriculum, we have a display of the Black Death, the horrific pandemic that swept Europe during Medieval times. How terrifying it must have been to have been the Harbour Master in Sicily when 12 ships docked. Going onboard, the authorities discovered that all of them were smitten by an unknown plague. Most of the sailors were dead, and those that were alive were barely so, covered in boils and blood. When we compare our present pandemic to the plague, we realise how very blessed we are. Come on up and have a look at the gruesome crew that have sailed into the Library!

6th August marked the 75th anniversary of the destruction of Hiroshima by the dropping of the atomic bomb, ironically known as “Little Boy”. Our display at the top of the stairs in the Library reminds us all of Sadako, the dying girl whose wish to create a thousand paper cranes as symbols of peace came to reality. We echo her plea:

This is our cry, this our prayer, Peace in the World.

At the end of last term, the Year 8 English classes were studying Animated Film, and we put up a display of various well-known Walt Disney films. This formed the basis for a Quiz on Good and Evil characters which the Year 8s took part in.

The happy winners are pictured above.

Mrs Lynn Brown, Mrs Natlee Gould and Mrs Sally Ball


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