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New Bike Trailer Brings Opportunity for Adventure

Here are Daniel Godwin and Mary Whiteley, students from Our Lady of Mercy Outdoor Recreation Certificate II, in front of the College's new Bike Trailer.

Daniel and Mary are part of a group of students who are completing certificate units in 'Using and Maintaining Equipment' and "Mountain Biking on Off-road Surfaces'.

The students enjoy the course as they get the opportunity to learn how to maintain bikes and also gain practical riding experience. They are taught instruction skills as well, which they are able to use to lead and guide small groups of people. The unit allows them to apply theoretical skills learned in a class room and put it into practice in an outdoor environment.

The students utilise local Mountain Bike Trails such as Pile Road – Grizzly Trail in the Ferguson Valley for the practical experience and also have the opportunity to go on a one day excursion to Margaret River at the Pines Mountain Bike trails.

The new trailer is important for Our Lady of Mercy College's Physical Education and Outdoor Education programs because we are able to utilise our bikes on off-campus sites for our practical subjects and give students a meaningful and exciting experience away from the campus.


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