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Kaya - Introducing Bianca Hart, Aboriginal Education Officer at Our Lady of Mercy College

My name is Bianca Hart. I am a proud Wardandi woman from Bunbury, and I have just commenced working as an Aboriginal Educations Officer at Our Lady of Mercy College.

Employed in this role, I will provide support to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students and their families, as well as work closely with staff to provide multi-cultural direction to improve learning experiences for both Indigenous and non-Indigenous students.

I am passionate about fostering positive learning outcomes for Indigenous students. Prior to working at Our Lady of Mercy College, I was employed at Amaroo Primary School in Collie as an Aboriginal and Islander Education Officer and helped run Kindilink, which is a playgroup for Aboriginal kids and families to help them learn and grow. We also helped with the kids' transition into kindy and did a lot of learning through play.

In my role at Our Lady of Mercy College, I would like to help our indigenous kids gain confidence and knowledge within themselves and their future goals. I also want to help be a link between the families and students to the teachers and staff to help create a more comfortable environment and understanding to better communicate with one another, so the students can get a better learning experience and succeed in future goals.

I have a lot of connections with most of the families here in the area and around Bunbury, as I am a Bunbury girl born and raised. My father's last name is Hart, and my mother's is Ugle.

A little bit about myself; I love playing netball, basketball and footy. I have played for the Collie Eagles and Carey Park and have also been a part of the South West Netball Football League for MLC.

I am also a bit of an artist and have been involved with a few murals in Collie and Bunbury and have also helped and designed a logo for Kaya Collie. I have painted a few artworks over the years, been involved with many cultural events within the community, and still stay involved in and around the Bunbury area.

It is my goal to create a culturally responsive school environment, and to help guide our students to succeed in their future endeavours and to help create a safe space for them to learn.

Furthermore, I am open to answering any questions you may have regarding Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and education.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any queries. I am looking forward to working with you.

I will be on campus Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays and am available via SEQTA Direqt Message, as well as via email at


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