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Future Student Leaders Present Inspiring Visions for the College

Recently, the Year 11 Nominees for College Captain spoke infront of their peers and teachers to deliver their College Captain speeches.

The students presented well and displayed a high level of confidence and courage.

Please find below extracts of their speeches, outlining the students' views on leadership, Mercy values and their contribution to our community and the future of the College.

"It is my belief that my greatest quality as a leader is my ability to understand my limits and act accordingly in a way that values and utilises the qualities of my peers, rather than overvaluing my own input. As such, I believe I am the best choice for a cohesive leadership team in 2023." Jorja

"The leaders this year have done an amazing job, and I will happily continue on and try my very best to make Our Lady of Mercy College the best place that it can be for you, other students and teachers by bringing a positive attitude and simply being the best person and role model that I can be." Kade

"I believe that I would be a valuable addition to the Mercy leadership team as I will always take my responsibilities seriously and will strive to connect to and represent all of my peers. As your College Captain, I aim to lead each and every person in our College community to strive for greatness in everything that they do and to encourage them to always do their best. As your College Captain, I will represent the College by being your voice in the greater community. As your College Captain I wilt lead from the front, I will stand up for those in need within our College community, and I will represent all students at our College if the need should ever arise." Henry

"After previously being selected to undertake the opportunity to represent my Costello House in being a House Leader, I understand the full responsibility it takes to be a committed leader of our school, inspiring years and ages to come. I promise to always uphold and obey the rules of our College: Embrace Life, Nurture Faith, and Inspire Learning, and enforce the Mercy Values of Justice, Service, Respect, Compassion, Courage, and Hospitality, not only in myself but in every student, parent and teacher that is lucky enough to be a part of our school community." Calista

"I have always had a passion for motivating people and supporting them. I show that I care for everyone by being there to listen and to help. Teamwork-the ability to work well with others -is a significant factor in being a leader. I enjoy collaborating with my peers and teachers towards our goals for Our Lady of Mercy College, and I am hoping to continue this next year as College Captain." Sophia

"Courage is an example of one of these values that plays a significant role in my life. Not only does it take a lot of courage to stand up here and speak in front of everyone today, but it also takes a lot of courage to change schools, as I did late last year. I felt it is important to come to a school where values, morals, discipline, and respect are considered important and part of everyday life. When I met Mr De Lima and Mrs Branson on my first day, I knew I belonged here. I felt so welcomed, and I knew I had made the right decision. That is how I want all students to feel when they come to Our Lady of Mercy College, welcomed and feeling they belong here too. I am so glad I had the courage to come to this College." Taya

"If I were to be College Captain of 2023, I would like to continue leading with house spirit but also deepen our school spirit, our College environment would be radiating with positivity and would be looked up to by many within the Australind community. I am eager to create more goals for Our Lady of Mercy College, be a part of the College's growth and work in partnership with the school." Clarissa

"I'm sure that even as just the small cohort we are, we will be able to do so much. Our cohort reminds me of this quote I found while planning my speech. Margaret Mead declared, "never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, concerned citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has." I genuinely believe that this is us. Just a small group of thoughtful people." Declan

"As a Captain, I would represent not only the College but all of the individuals that make up our College, from congratulating students who have achieved successes in school and sport, to being a friend to younger students at recess and lunch, so all can feel supported and seen. I wouldn't take bias and target assisting and promoting one thing from another. Because our school is made of so many different people and I believe it is right for everyone to be heard, expressing my Hospitality, Respect, and Compassion, meaning trying my hardest for events to be green lit and organised properly, especially since they are so iconic to the College's practice like Feast Day, Tournament of the Minds, Athletic Carnivals etc. Because I believe a leader doesn't just guide and assist a section of our College, they assist, lead, and appreciate everyone and are with everyone, moving and progressing as a team, with the means to exemplify the Mercy Values and put in the effort to help and grow our rapid-blossoming College." Charlie

Staff and students were asked to vote, and the winning 2023 Student Leaders were announced at the Term 4 Assembly held on Tuesday, 25 October.

We are excited to announce that:

Sophia Thomas and Henry King will take on the role of College Captains.

Clarissa Green and Declan Tilbrook will be the College Vice-Captains.

Costello House Captains are Ruby Bach and Saraya O’Donnell-Fry

Hayes House Captains are Ava O’Brien and Lucas Pierce

McAuley House Captains are Hannah Cornwall and Lexie Sara

Read House Captains are Chelsey North and Mikeala Caton

Arts Captains are Jorja Mulholland and Kade Cataldo

Service Captains are Charlie McDonald, Emily Battista, Conlan Bailey and Taya Larkman

Sports Captains are Calista Harvey and Noah Mills

Congratulations to all students. We are confident that by demonstrating the Mercy Values you will be great role models for your fellow students. We look forward to seeing you bring your visions come to life.

A special thanks goes out to Head of Year 11, Mrs Louise Branson, for encouraging and supporting her students throughout the process.


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