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Freya and Brooklyn (Year 7) Demonstrate Compassion for Local Wildlife

Freya Smith (Year 7) is a very conscientious and compassionate young adult. During the Year 7 swimming lessons last week, Freya noticed that a local bird, the Banded Lapwing, was nesting in the property across the College. Freya became concerned about the nest's location and was worried that cars that park in that space may unknowingly run over the nest.

She demonstrated wonderful courage to speak up about a matter that she is clearly passionate about. In a conversation with Mr Smith (Head of Year 7), she came up with a plan to create a sign to post on some pickets so that cars parking in the area would be aware of the presence of these animals. She asked her caring friend, Brooklyn Terekia, to help execute the plan.

After showing the posters to our Administration staff, the girls were asked to also create a sign to raise awareness about our nesting and swooping magpies.

The girls jumped into action and designed and installed several signs in the Drop-off/Pick-up area off Leisure Drive. The posters encourage students to take care when walking in this area. It also provides handy tips on how to move around the birds.

Thank you, Freya and Brooklyn, for demonstrating wonderful compassion for our local wildlife.

Please find below a little message that the girls wrote on the topic of 'Caring for our wildlife'.

"Hello, we are Freya and Brooklyn.

We love wildlife: the beautiful birds, mammals and all of the animals.

Animals will only hurt you if you are near their nest (if they have one), or if they feel threatened and you hurt them.

Some people hurt animals for fun. Only two white rhinos are left because people killed them for their horns. Or the tigers, as few are left because people killed them for their skin.

Some people in this world just hate animals and will hurt them just for the sake of it. There are also people that love animals, and we think those are the ones we should focus on."

Freya Smith and Brooklyn Terekia (Year 7)


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