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First College Liturgy Focuses on Compassion

As a Catholic College, one of the ways in which we celebrate our faith is through liturgy. A liturgy is a type of ritual where we learn more about God, give Him thanks for the good things we have, and pray for God to assist others.

Usually, we would begin the year with an Opening Mass but unfortunately, due to COVID restrictions, we are unable to gather as a whole College, so this Term, we had small liturgies in our Pastoral Care Groups.

The students focused on the Mercy Value of Compassion with a prayer, a song, readings and reflections. Students watched the following video Ripple. As they watched it, they were asked to think about how one act of compassion can impact on others.

After the liturgy, students discussed examples of how we can show Compassion to other students, members of our community, and disadvantaged people.

A prayer for Compassion

God of tender mercy,

Your love reaches out to all those in need.

Give us hearts that are full of love

So that we may recognise the suffering of others.

Help us to work together,

To change our world to make it better,

Even in small ways.

May we be sensitive to the needs of others,

Act with gentleness and kindness

And offer support to those around us.

May we never doubt that our love can make a difference,

In Mercy’s name.



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