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Executive Director Congratulates the College

Dr Debra Sayce is the Executive Director Catholic Education Western Australia (CEWA).

The College received a letter this week from the Executive Director of Catholic Education, Dr Sayce, congratulating the College on the outstanding WACE results of the Year 12 2020 cohort.

This acknowledgement by Dr Sayce reflects positively upon the dedication demonstrated by the students and the support provided by all of the Mercy staff.

Dr Debra Sayce's Letter to OLMC

I extend my congratulations to you and your staff on the 2020 Year 12 WACE results for Our Lady of Mercy College. These results attest to the dedication and commitment of your staff and school community in supporting each student to discover their unique gifts and talents.

The graduation of your Year 12 students is the culmination of their Catholic education journey and I hope that the individual and collective achievements of your Year 12 students serve as an inspiration to all in your school community.

I appreciate the dedication of many in supporting students and extend my congratulations on the notable achievements listed below:

A WACE achievement of 98.1%, placing your school in the first 50 schools for WACE Achievement.

  • A high median ATAR of 85.20, placing your school in the first 50 schools for Median ATAR.

  • A median ATAR (85.20) above expectation when compared to the predicted performance using the school's ICSEA value.

  • A high proportion of students (44.0%) in the highest tricile for ATAR courses.

  • A high success rate in assisting students to achieve the minimum literacy and numeracy standard.

I wish you and your staff a successful 2021.

Yours sincerely,

Dr Debra Sayce

Executive Director Catholic Education Western Australia


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