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Courage to be Mercy!

All of us have times when we feel nervous, apprehensive or fearful about a task or event in our lives. Whilst setting out with great faith for Australia, it is reasonable to assume that the Mercy Sisters were at times worried or anxious about the journey and their life ahead. Their steadfastness and determination reflect their courage and dedication to their task.

Courage is the Mercy value which the College has chosen to focus upon this year.

During a battle in Afghanistan, Corporal Daniel Keighran risked his life in a hail of gunfire to save his fellow soldiers. His actions saw him awarded the Victoria Cross. In his book "Courage under Fire", Daniel speaks of the influence of his grandfather's words to him as a young boy.

“You need to find out who you are as a person Danny, what you represent, what you stand for.”

When the Governor General, Dame Quentin Bryce presented his medal, she described Daniel as, "A man selfless in the face of threat, courageous in the face of terror, generous in the face of suffering and humble in the face of an honour bestowed.’

The Mercy Way, developed by the students at Our Lady of Mercy College, describes how to live out the Mercy values as a student.

We show courage when we:

· Resolve to do the best we can

· Persevere when things are difficult

· Embrace opportunities to learn new things

· Stand up for what is right and just

· Stay true to our beliefs and values

This year, as we seek to find out who we are as a person and what we stand for, let us draw upon the gift of courage as we strive to be the best we can!

Rob Crothers



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