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Costello House Assembly Celebrates Achievements and Honours Sister Angela Costello

In Week 3, Costello House hosted the first College assembly of the term. House members processed into the gym, carrying the Costello Banner and College candle.

The assembly commenced with House Leaders Soraya and Ruby leading a prayer dedicated to Costello House Patron, Sister Angela Costello. Recognised as a driving force in establishing Mercy education in the South West region, Sister Costello's legacy of setting high standards and demonstrating a genuine love for the less fortunate continues to inspire students. To everyone's delight, Sister Costello herself made a special appearance during the assembly, further uplifting the spirits of all present.

The assembly was also a great opportunity to welcome new staff and to celebrate student achievements.

Mr Crothers presented students Charlie McDonald, Jayde Barry, Meg Kimpton and Ruby Forrest with Community College Colours. College Captain Henry King received his Faith College Colour badge. Congratulations on these well-deserved achievements, and thank you for all the contributions that you make to the College community.

One highlight of the assembly was the well-deserved recognition of the 32 talented Year 9 and 10 students who emerged victorious in the highly competitive Science and Engineering Challenge in WA this term. With pride, Mr Crothers accepted the trophy on behalf of the College, acknowledging the commitment and hard work exhibited by students and staff in science and engineering.

Sports Captains Noah and Calista delivered their Sports Update. They highlighted the remarkable achievements of students in various disciplines, including the recent SSWA carnival and Basketball competition. The full report can be read here.

With this assembly, Costello House set a remarkable tone for the rest of the College, demonstrating the power of unity, celebration, and recognition of achievements within our community.

We are looking forward to the next assembly, which will be organised by Hayes House.


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