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Celebrating Australia: A Poetic Ode by the Gifted Annabelle O’Keeffe (Yr 10)

We have many very clever writers in our Year 10 Extension class who have been inspired to write poems about the natural beauty of Australia. 

Please enjoy this piece written by the talented Annabelle O’Keeffe as a reverie to Australia.



By Annabelle O’Keeffe


Green. A tumbling, creeping mass of green.

Jade ribbons weave through emerald leaves,

a flourishing tangle of life

cascades down her shoulders,

resting gently around her face.

Once a jolly swagman…


Tan. Golden brown, her face and body

tenderly stained

 from a lifetime spent thriving

 beneath the radiant sun.

camped by a billabong…


Smooth, like a river pebble.

Engulfed by the perpetual motion

of the gurgling stream, the water softly singing

as it dances across her skin.

She sits, eyes closed,

in the river.

…under the shade of the coolabah tree…


Golden. Sunlight seeps its way

through the swaying trees overhead,

gently radiating

beams of warmth onto her face.

And she sang as she watched…


 Orange. Like the magnificent sun

rising over barren ochre plains,

like a flower gently turning its head

to face the morning light.

And waited for her billy boil…


Like a magpie slowly shattering

its dark prison

and rushing forth into the world,

she smiles.

Who’ll come- a waltzing Matilda with me?


Yellow. Rippling heads of wheat

 dance in unison

to the rhythm of the wind

 over the hills.

Waltzing matilda…


 Incandescent sparks fly from gleaming coals and up

 into transcendent ghost gums,

throwing strange and beautiful shadows

 into the night.

Waltzing Matilda.


 Kookaburras sing in taunting tunes,

serenading the harmonious symphony

of frogs and crickets that echo through the trees.

She smiles.

Who’ll come a waltzing…


She laughs

and it is the sound of turquoise waves

 vigorously tumbling and

rushing onto shore.

Matilda with me?


 It is the sky


as the lightning tears the night apart,

And she sang as she watched…


 the magnificent torrent of rain

 that cascades onto the earth

with such force that even the mighty red gums

strain in protest against the strenuous downpour.

And waited for her billy boil…


She is fierce. She is tender. She is unforgiving. She is majestic. She is cruel. She is magnificent.

She’ll come-a waltzing Matilda with me.


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